U.S. athlete narrowly misses hitting bird in wingsuit flying competition

Carlson Klein, the 41-year-old wingsuit flying athlete, had just jumped from the platform and was flying at a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour. A bird suddenly flew past Carlson, but thanks to his years of experience, Klein subconsciously adjusted his flight altitude and passed by with just a near miss.

“Very dangerous, but I knew it that my spirit animal was there for me, and I knew that it would be OK,” said Klein.

This episode did not affect Klein’s long-distance gliding performance and he ranked in the top eight.

Klein has participated in several consecutive wingsuit flying world championships. In 2017, Klein took the title of champion in the 6th Wingsuit Flying World Championship.

The jumping platform of the race is located on a cliff of Yuhu Peak, about 300 meters above sea level on the right side of Tianmen Cave. The vertical drop of the jump point and the landing point is 990 meters. The visitors all cheered for the exciting performances of the thrilling competition.

“I felt very shocked. This is my first time coming here and it is a great honor to witness such a wingsuit flying,” said a tourist.

The world championship will last until Sunday, during which a race for championships and a highly difficult high-altitude targets competition will be held.

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