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Gucci bewitches crowd with heads and snakes in operating theatre show

Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele once again surprised his fans with a collection that dwelled on identity and mixed disturbing elements such as eyes on hands with models carrying replicas of their own heads or snakes.

The show by the Italian fashion house – one of the most yearned for tickets during Milan’s fashion week – was in a cold, sterile and claustrophobic space that replicated an operating theater.

Michele’s collection was rich and ornate as usual, with elaborate and layered styles that covered models from head to toe. Many wore coloured balaclavas, others had pagoda shaped hats and crystal headpieces.

Models walked around real operating tables and surgical bed sheets as religious music played broken by the beeping sound of an electrocardiograph.

Milan’s fashion week runs until February 26 with Italy’s most famous designers showcasing their fall-winter collections.

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