History comes to life in vintage car miniature exhibition in West Indian city

Local artists in India's western Vadodara city collaborated with Diamler AG's Mercedes Benz to recreate miniatures of vintage car models revisiting the charm of the bygone era.

The four-day exhibition which started on Thursday (February 22) at Sarjan Art gallery in the city concluded showcasing Mercedes’ Classic Benz collection replicas made by artists from around the city.

The miniatures looked like shorter versions of their original models straight out of suspended animation chamber. However, the one model that grabbed all the eyeballs was that of Mercedes Benz 330 carrying an image of Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler.

When artist Kamal Rana was asked to replicate Mercedes Benz 330, his research traced back the ownership of this model to Hitler. So, it struck me that why don’t we make it (the replica) themed on Hitler, described Rana on his eureka moment.

Mercedes-Benz, an extension of German company Diamler AG, is a global automobile marquee established in 1926. It primarily deals in the niche market of luxury vehicles including cars, buses, coaches, and lorries.

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