India’s Modi hails his party’s journey from zero to peak after massive win in northeastern state

The victory of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tripura is a journey from zero to peak, said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulating his party workers in New Delhi

The BJP and its ally parties won majority in the states of Tripura and Nagaland, while India’s main opposition, the Congress party led Meghalaya with 21 seats out of 59.

Praising party president Amit Shah at the newly inaugurated party headquarters in New Delhi, Modi said that the central government has made north-east its focus and has taken up the baton of accelerating its growth process. He also said that he will return the love, the states have showered upon the party with interest, and the interest in this case would come in the form of development.

BJP will be forming the government in Tripura smmothly. In Nagaland, BJP in collaboration with the newly floating National Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) gained a total of 29 seats out of 60 and was also extended a hand from its ally in the Centre and Bihar state, Janata Dal (United).

One remaining constituency in Tripura, Charilam will get inked on March 12th after the elections were postponed because of sudden death of CPI (M) candidate, Ramendra Narayan Debbarma. Polling in one constituency, Williamnagar in Meghalaya was cancelled due to killing of a candidate belonging to Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Jonathone N Sangma in an IED blast.

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