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Local vendor in western India makes millions by just serving tea

A tea-house in the suburbs of India's western sprawling city of Pune is making many multinational white-collar employees envious by earning an approximate sum of INR 1.2 million ($18416) per month just by serving hot tea to its customers.

Navnath Yewle, a regular tea enthusiast in Pune decided to get a living out of it in 2011, and after four years of planning he opened a tea house with an ambition to serve regular tea albeit a little differently with a modern touch to it. In a brief span of three years he has already made millions out of a profession which is largely thought to be belonging to those with limited financial means.

Employees dressed in tidy uniforms stir the boiling tea in clean brass pans in the background of freshly arranged kaolinite cups on a tray. When the steaming tea is being poured in the cups, its aroma makes the regular tea of Yewle, irresistible for the customers as they jump in to sip the freshly prepared tea in the shop.

They have kept it simple by not putting a lot of extra ingredients in it and hence the taste is very good, said a regular customer, Siddharth Pednekar.

Yewle says that he has kept things simple and sells just tea at ‘Yewle Amruttulya Tea House’ (literally meaning Yewle’s equivalent to nectar tea house) without any snacks or bites and is exceptionally particular about cleanliness. Probably this is what draws its customers to the tea haven.

Yewle likes to think that no profession is small enough as long as you are indulging in it with passion and honest conduct. Currently the tea house has around three centers in the city and the founders plan to take it globally as well.

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