Death toll reaches 61 amid anger over Indian train safety

The heart-wrenching train mishap Friday evening that killed 61 has left India's northern city of Amritsar in mourning and searching for answers.

A mother is mourning the death of her son, Dalbir Singh, who would always play “ravana” during the local Dussehra festivities each year, which mark the triumph of good over evil.

A passenger train running at a high speed had mowed down a crowd of people while they were enjoying “Dussehra” festivities, standing on the railway tracks. They did not realize the approaching of the train amidst loud sounds of crackers on the festive occasion.

Dalbir saved at least eight others before losing his balance and getting crushed. He left behind a mourning family, including a four-month-old daughter.

“My son had gone to the function with other people who were performing there. When he saw the train, he started warning people. He rushed and saved others and then fell under the train and died while doing that,” said Swarn Kaur, Dalbir’s mother.

“It’s a mistake by the festival organizers and railway authorities. There is no discipline — they don’t come on time and for most of the trains, there is no security,” said Happy Singh, Dalbir’s brother.

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