Houston Fire Department and Other City Entity’s Equip Houston Residents With Safety Tips For The Holidays

Here are a few tips to prevent tragedies during the holidays

By: Paige Hubbard 

This Holiday season the Houston fire department, along with the Houston Apartment Association and Memorial Herman Hospital reminded Houston residents to stay safe this winter by sharing helpful safety tips and demonstrations.

The demos informed residents on how to properly use extension cables, fire extinguishers and to remind folks to check their smoke detectors. Fires kill without regard to race or gender and every year around the holiday season this because more

“We see an increase in fires during the holiday season due to cooking electrical candles and space heaters as well. There are a lot of different elements that come into play that could lead to fires that citizens need to be aware of,” said public information officer Sheldra Brigham of the Houston fire department.

More than 1 million Houstonians live in apartment homes and last December, Houston had approximately 60 fires causing millions of dollars in damages, some even lost their homes and possessions. Candles and space heater accidents are the most common cause partial fires. You are also encouraged never to leave your stove unattended while cooking while this can create a cause for concern as well.

Also, some of these holiday decorations can be a source and a hazard so it may be safe to talk with your management or homeowners association if you have any questions or concerns about the decorations you intend to use. Renters insurance can help cover the building its self it does not cover the belongings of the residence so it’s important to have a safety plan in place in case of an emergency.

Key speakers included Michelle McNutt from Memorial Herman Hospital, along with Sheldra Brigham from the Houston Fire department, and Michelle Pollock from the Houston apartment association.

“During the holidays we all spend a lot more time in the kitchen cooking for a left once it only takes a very small distraction to suffer an injury you can cut your hand while carving a turkey you can suffer a burn injury from a grease fire or you can drive a hot pad on your foot. 70 Percent admissions from birth centers have been from old injuries in your house so please take your time when you’re handling I am in the kitchen watching her kids around the kitchen,” said Michelle McNutt from memorial Herman.

More than 30% of residential fires that have been recorded have been caused by faulty smoke detectors so it is crucial to make sure that you have a working smoke detector.
During the holidays you usually see more people on the roads and might have more friends and family in your car that may be a distraction. Some people may be intoxicated with alcoholic beverages or other substances and this can cause a risk on the roadways.

“Houston leads the nation in and the most distracted and deadliest sitting behind the wheel this is a fortunate publication that we just read the Memorial Herman was all to take the drive-in change play we want you to help us help our community to reverse this trend,” said Ms. McNutt.

Let’s all take the pledge this holiday season to stay safe by taking the necessary precautions to ensure not only the safety of ourselves but the safety of our family and loved ones as well.

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