South Asian Commuity Leaders Celebrate Local Eleceted Officals

By: Paige Hubbard 

Key leaders from the South Asian community held a congratulatory dinner to honor local elected officials here in the city.

The organizer of the event was Mrs. Helen Shih Ph.D. and many other important figures from the Asian community made this night a success such as Gordon Quan who is an immigration attorney.

There were 13 South Asian nominations and out of those 13 people eight won. This win meant a lot to the Asian community is that they have always not had someone that looked like them in political seats of power.

One of the attendees was Fort Bend County judge Julie Mathews who is an Indian American and shared her inspiring story how her hardworking immigrant parents were the motivating force to launch her law career.

“My decision to attend law school was spurred by watching my parents struggle with a business they owned. My parents were hard-working immigrants, who wanted to better themselves and create a brighter future for their children. I wanted to protect my parents and anyone who may be taken advantage of in a situation they don’t know how to navigate through. This spawned my desire in me to attend law school and become an attorney,” said Julie.

Others in attendance included Kathy Cheng Esp, who shared a similar story of how she watched her immigrant parents struggle which inspired her to start her legal career.
“Having been an immigrant into this country with the differences in the law and the and the language barrier, my parents immigrated to this county wanted to live the American dream, unfortunately their American dream was shattered when they signed the power of attorney to someone they trusted and purchased a business for them and some issues with the partnership, ” said Ms. Cheng.

“So as a kid growing up because of the language barrier I was involved with a civil litigation fir about seven years handling cases for my parents, and as a result, I end up falling in love with the law, went into the legal field and became an attorney,” Kathy ended.

There were many esteemed professionals in attendance at the event including professors from the University of Houston and other community leaders. The dinner was held at YAO’s restaurant who catered traditional Chinese dishes.

Even though it was the night before Thanksgiving, the great leaders of that community came together and united to celebrate all their hard work for making a change in the community.

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