Four Chinese Activists Shave Heads To Protest ‘Persecution’ Of Husbands

Stand for something, or you will fall for anything.

By: Paige Hubbard 

Four wives of China’s most prominent rights lawyers have shaved their heads to protest the ill-treatment their husbands have faced while in the hands of the Chinese government.
The four women consider themselves to be activist and say they must be the voice for their husbands since the government is trying to silence them.

The wives have claimed that they have not been able to visit their husbands nor have been granted the opportunity to select an attorney of their choice to represent their cases.
“We can go hairless, but you cannot be lawless,” the wives said at the end of the ceremony.
The four women united in the central park of Beijing apartment complex to demonstrate their disproval of how their husbands’ cases have been handled.

They took turns shaving each other’s head and placed the hair in a clear box that had photos of them with their husbands. They then made their way to China’s supreme court to petition the way their husbands’ cases have been handled.

Chinese president Xi Jinping has said to be behind all of this since the July 2015 sweep, known as the 709 crackdowns. Since stepping into his role in 2012 Xi Jinping has overseen arrests of hundreds of rights lawyers and activist being jailed. This has been said to be a tactic to silence those who express their disapproval of the Chinese government.

Authorities have responded by putting family members of those who are jailed on house arrest to keep them from getting their message out. A request was made for China’s Supreme People Court to make a statement, but no one responded.

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