Local Make Up Artist Creates Make Up Line For Women Of Color

By: Paige Hubbard 

Meet Jentry Kelly who is the definition of a girl boss, she is a wife, business owner and book author who has her own cosmetic line.

“ My concept for this place was a one-stop beauty shop a place you can come to get your injections your facials your makeup and your hair done, “said owner Jentry Kelly.

Her passion for makeup and cosmetics started with a paintbrush. In the third grade, Jentry would go to private art classes after school, as she grew up, she enrolled in every art class she could find.

“I’ve always been an artist I’ve taken every class available when I was in intermediate school and high school so art came naturally to me. When I took this modeling class and the very last course was a makeup class I was like oh my gosh I’m in love with this,” said Jentry.

Even though Jentry Comes from an Irish and German Background, she wanted to use her platform to create a makeup line for all women of color. No matter the hue, Jentry has a shade match for you.

“Also working for Bobby Brown I really feel like I nailed the whole women of color match color matching because I think of a lot of artists don’t understand darker skin tones, it’s super important to get nice warm undertones and don’t have too much red in them but also to make this game look ashy either,” she continued.

Jentry likes to teach women the less is more approach while applying make-up. She encourages her customers to opt for a more natural look, rather than fitting in with the times.

“So our whole concept for everybody here is a really natural look and the less is more and that’s what was inspired me to start my own line and time or makeup in drama or super popular and I don’t think they fit everybody,” she said.

To find out more about Jentry Kelly visit their website at www.jentrykelly.com

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