Stand-off Ensues Over The Weekend At Buc-ee’s Parking Lot

When Road Rage Goes A Little Too Far

By: Paige Hubbard 

Over the weekend Sugar Land police officers found themselves in a standoff at Buc-ee’s parking lot in Richmond.

It was reported that the incident kicked off at 12:15 pm around the 1200 block of Crabb River Road after a road rage incident caused an Eagle Lake off-duty cop to have a gun pulled on him by a civilian.

The standoff ensued when the man refused to leave his car.

There were a woman and child in the car during the altercation. They were not being held against their will, but they did try to reason with the man to listen to the police. Once they saw he refused to do so, the woman and child left the car unharmed,

Around 2:45 p.m the man decided to leave the vehicle and cooperate with the police officers. The Eagle Lake officer allegedly did not want to press charges.

The man was not taken into custody but will be charged with evading arrest by Sugar Land PD.

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