Top U.S. senators briefed by CIA blame Saudi prince for Khashoggi

CIA Concludes Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s Assassination

By: Paige Hubbard 

U.S senators had a briefing with CIA director Gina Haspel on Tuesday in regards to the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. The senators said they are “even more” convinced that Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman played a key role in the death of the Saudi journalist.

Bob Corker who is the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman projects if this case were to go to trial, a jury would find him guilty in “about 30 minutes.”

Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham one the one who insisted to have a briefing with Haspel. He even went on record to say there is “zero chance” the crown prince wasn’t involved in Khashoggi’s death.

“There’s not a smoking gun. There’s a smoking saw,” Graham said, referencing reports from the Turkish government, whom said Saudi agents dismantled Khashoggi body’s with a bone saw after he was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

“You have to be willfully blind not to conclude that this was orchestrated and organized by people under the crown prince’s command,” said Graham.

President Donald Trump has declined the thought that the Saudi Crown prince any role in the death, which in result has greatly irritated senators who are interested in reprimanding the longtime Middle East ally.

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