U.S Blizzards Cause Thousands Of Flight Delays

Here in the U.S, a blizzard that has already canceled or delayed thousands of flights could dump nearly a foot more snow in some states.

Parts of the U.S. Midwest and Southeast are being hit with the first wave of heavy snow and rain expected in the central United States through the weekend.

The storms have injured a passenger and crew member on a commercial jet over Dallas.

A passenger and a flight attendant suffered knee and back pain after an American Eagle flight operated by Mesa Airlines after it hit turbulence over the area.

Flight 5781, that departed from San Luis Potosi International Airport in Mexico carrying 75 passengers and 4 crew members, was diverted to Austin, Texas.

The plane landed safely and the injured passenger and crew member were treated and released from a local hospital.

In the Midwest, winter storm and blizzard warnings were in effect for parts of Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota and Minnesota.

The storm, which began late on Wednesday, forced the cancellation of more than 1,000 flights and delayed over four thousand. Nearly 400 flights to or from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport were canceled, with hundreds delayed.

A tornado watch for parts of central and southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas were in effect on Thursday.

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