Violent Protest In Paris Continue To Take Over The City

Over 100 Injuries and 400 Have Been Arrested

By: Paige Hubbard 

It has been reported over 100 people have been injured and over 400 were arrested in Paris this past Saturday December 1st, after conflicts between police and protesters of the “yellow vest” movement clashed during the protest.

The yellow vest movement also known as the yellow jacket movement started this past November when protesters from Europe and surrounding countries began to protest their disapproval of the cost of living and rising fuel prices. The protesters claim that  the government’s tax reform has failed working middle class families by forcing the extreme cost of living upon them. This resulted in the request of the protesters calling for the resignation of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

It is estimated that the demonstration brought 36,000 people to voice their disapproval of the French President, including his government and the request was country wide. Saturday’s protest marked the third week of the yellow jacket protest.

The yellow jacket protesters have blocked the entrance to 11 fuel depots which belong to one of the worlds biggest oil companies that has made several gas stations in France without fuel. It is repotted that at least 75 of the company’s 2,200 gas stations were out of fuel, a spokesman for energy giant Total said on Monday.

Since then, we have seen graphic images of the protesters being sprayed with tear gas, rubber bullets and they were meet with by the riot police officers. The protesters are seen to have set cars on fire and in result this has created all around chaos for everyone involved.

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