Honduran ambassador calls caravans a failure

Several hundred Honduran migrants in a new U.S.-bound caravan were travelling through Guatemala on Wednesday even as the Honduran ambassador to Mexico called previous caravans a “failure.”

About 360 Hondurans presented documents to pass legally. The group included entire families and young men, as well as parents with small children.

Meanwhile, the Honduran ambassador to Mexico, Alden Rivera, said that because the U.S. government is not processing asylum requests, the caravans are not achieving their purpose.

About 2,500 migrants from a previous wave of Central Americans who crossed Mexico have been camping in shelters in the Mexican border city of Tijuana.

Rivera also said that unnamed groups in Central America were fomenting the formation of the caravans and said there was, an “intention to mislead caused by a need to discredit the governments of the Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

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