President Trump picks controversial judicial nominee, to fill Brett Kavanaugh’s former seat

Her name is Neomi Rao

By: Paige Hubbard 

On Wednesday President Donald Trump announced his pick to replace Bret Kavanagh’s former seat on the U.S court of appeals for the District of Columbia.

This comes just months after Kavanagh was confirmed to the Supreme Court amidst sexual assault allegations.

Kavanagh’s replacement may be more controversial than the testimony hearing he was involved in back in October of last year.

The vote came in 53-46; all Republicans supported the president’s decision while all voting Democrats voted against Rao.

Some say she is not qualified because she has little to no experience when it comes to serving as judge especially for what’s considered to be the most powerful court in the county.

Rao has never been a judge, however; she currently runs the federal office of information and regulatory affairs. While she worked as an attorney, she clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, worked in the White House counsel’s office under President George W. Bush and was a professor at George Mason University School of Law.

Back in College, she wrote an article in the Yale Herald titled “Shades of Gray” which argued that “a woman, like a man, decides when and how much to drink. And if she drinks to the point where she can no longer choose, well, getting to that point was part of her choice.” She wrote.

“A good way to avoid a potential date rape is to stay reasonably sober, she ended.”
The list goes on and on of controversial writings she made while she was in college which has caused her major scrutiny and questioned her credibility.

“Neomi Rao is the last person who should sit on this court,” said NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson. “The Rao nomination is an insult to communities of color, women, persons with disabilities, and the LGBTQ community. In truth, the nomination is an insult to all Americans.”

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