Biden grabs a pizza, tells the world: “America is coming back”

Hours after releasing a video announcing his 2020 run for the White House, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden appeared to continue his attack on President Donald Trump on Thursday (April 25).

Biden announced the third presidential bid of his career by video on YouTube and other social media, drawing a stark contrast between himself and President Donald Trump in a contest he said was a fight for the future of American democracy.

Speaking outside a Wilmington pizzeria, he did not, however, mention Trump by name when asked by a reporter for his “message for the rest of the world.”

“America is coming back like we used to be, ethical, straight, telling the truth, moving in a way, supporting our allies – all those good things,” Biden said.

Biden, a moderate who has made his appeal to disaffected working-class voters a key part of his political identity, launched his bid for the White House as the party’s instant frontrunner.

In the video released earlier on Thursday, “Biden said, “We are in the battle for the soul of this nation,” he said. “I believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time. But if we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are, and I cannot stand by and let that happen.”

Trump responded in a post on Twitter, slamming Biden’s “intelligence” and vowing to meet him “at the Starting Gate” if the Democrat wins his party’s “nasty” nomination fight.

Biden, 76, had been wrestling for months over whether to run. His candidacy will face numerous questions, including whether he is too old and too centrist for a Democratic Party yearning for fresh faces and increasingly propelled by its more vocal liberal wing.

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