Round two, game two, leaves two Injured

NBA stars on both teams walked away from the game injured

By: Lauren Leal

The NBA playoffs went two for two last night in Round 2 of the Rockets and Warriors series. The Warriors lead the series 2-0, but this is not the topic at hand.

NBA stars on both teams walked away from the game injured. Minutes in the first quarter, Rockets point guard, James Harden got swiped across the face by Warriors power forward, Draymond Green.

Green and Harden fought to get a rebound as Green’s hand comes down directly into Jame’s eye socket. This left the athlete with unclear vision and a laceration on his left eyelid. In the postgame news conference, Harden stated, “It’s pretty blurry right now.

Hopefully, it gets better day by day.” Later in the first quarter, Warriors star, Stephen Curry left the court after dislocating his middle finger on his left hand.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, said it looked bad when he came off the floor and was fortunate that it turned out to be a dislocation rather than a break. Rockets and Warriors continue the series, facing each other in Game 3 in Houston on Saturday.

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