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Soccer star Neymar Jr. launches L’Oreal’s new Diesel perfume

Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. has teamed up with Diesel Fragrances to launch a "brave" new fragrance inspired by his tattoos.

The sports star’s lion tattoo on his left hand is the design used on the new bottle of “Spirit Of The Brave” which is shaped like a fist.

“I can relate to this animal because I consider it different,” said Neymar Jr. in a recent interview for the launch.

“When I did it, the tattoo meant: courage, going beyond oneself and virtue. It shows that we have to be strong. I think that the name of the fragrance and the tattoo matched with the Spirit of the Brave.”

The former Santos and Barcelona striker – who now plays for French champions Paris St Germain – has many tattoos, but the first were to honor two important women in his life: his mum and his sister.

According to the company press release, Neymar Jr. was not only involved in the initial creation of the fragrance but is also the first celebrity from the world of sport to front a Diesel Fragrances campaign.

Born February 1992, Neymar grew up in the poor neighborhood of Jardim Glória, Praia Grande, São Paulo in southeast Brazil. He says his rise to fame meant overcoming challenges and obstacles.

“I consider myself as a brave person, with values, with a dream and a person who likes challenges. I always try to be a better version of myself,” he says.

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