Ancient Egyptian “Bent Pyramid” now open to visitors

Tourists and locals are now able to visit the 4,600-year-old pyramid for the first time in over 50 years.

By: Alexandra Varkarotas

Saturday (July 13) marked the opening of the “Bent Pyramid” since the ancient structure was closed for restoration efforts in 1965.

Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled al-Anani explained to Reuters how the area, known as Dashur, is home to several pyramid sites ready for visitors to explore. “The Bent Pyramid we are opening today is included in the ticket to the area of Dahshur. We will go with the ambassadors to visit the affiliated pyramid, located 50 meters behind this pyramid and opened for the first time. Then there is the Northern Pyramid or the Red Pyramid,” al-Anani said during the inauguration ceremony attended by ambassadors from around the world.

Also known as the “Pyramid with Two Angles” due to the distinct feature of having two different angles of inclination, the “Bent Pyramid” was constructed during the reign of the Pharaoh of Sneferu around 2600 B.C. Visitors can explore the engineering feat of a bygone era by walking a 79-meter passageway to see burial chambers in the 101-meter high pyramid.

Through the restoration of the site, archaeologists uncovered tools, mummies, coffins, and wooden funerary masks reminiscent of the time period.

The opening of the “Bent Pyramid” comes as Egyptian authorities are seeking to increase tourism to the area, which stands south of Cairo.

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