Boris Johnson rules out a general election, says focus should be delivering Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ruled out calling a general election, saying on Friday that British people don't want another electoral event and that he wants to focus on delivering Brexit.

The new Prime Minister met with local police officers in Birmingham, with his newly appointed Home Secretary Priti Patel.

There he announced the creation of a national policing board chaired by the home secretary and made up of “key police leaders” and pledged 20,000 extra police officers within three years.

When questioned if he’d announced the new recruitment plan to focus on domestic priorities with the prospect of a general election in mind, Johnson said this was not the case.

He said he believed the British people didn’t want another vote, but wanted Brexit delivered by October 31.

Johnson was elected on Tuesday to be the new Conservative Party leader, and therefore new prime minister.

The Brexiteer won the leadership race with 66% of the Conservative party vote, beating rival Jeremy Hunt to take over from Theresa May.

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