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Janice Dickinson receives ‘epic’ settlement in Cosby case

Former model Janice Dickinson received an "epic amount" from Bill Cosby's insurance company after they made a settlement in Dickinson's defamation case against the comedian, according to her lawyer Lisa Bloom.

At a news conference in Woodland Hills, California, Bloom said “We’re announcing today that we have accepted a very large settlement amount from Bill Cosby’s insurance company. This amount means that Janice will be fully and fairly compensated by being branded a liar by Cosby and his representatives. She is free to tell her story for the rest of her life whenever and wherever she wants to.”

Dickinson gave a national television interview in 2014 accusing Cosby of raping her in 1982. In response, Cosby’s lawyer Martin Singer sent letters to other media outlets warning them not to publish Dickinson’s “defamatory fabrication,” adding that she was “seeking publicity to bolster her fading career.”

A subsequent news release from Cosby’s team said Dickinson was lying. Singer also sent out statements denying similar accusations by other women against Cosby.

Dickinson sued for defamation, claiming the letter and news release aimed to destroy her reputation. Cosby sought to toss those claims, saying Dickinson was trying to stifle his free speech rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

Cosby was sentenced on Sept. 25 for his conviction on three counts of aggravated indecent assault for the drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand, a former Temple University administrator, at his Philadelphia home in 2004.

Dickinson got emotional as she made a statement. She said “We need to work on the justice system about statutes of limitations, against traffickers, against rapists and against this five year, 7 year, 10 year statute. When you rob someone of their innocence, how can you put a statute of limitation around a table of men that have done this?”

She added “My life from then went into a downward spiral. I told few people, but I became different. I lost that innocence, I lost my innocence and it became just a snarky, different, in-your-face attitude because I was afraid… I was basically afraid of men after that.”

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