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EXCLUSIVE: Woman says teen told deputies to “shhh” after being shot by another teen in Fort Bend County

By: Paige Hubbard 

NTV Houston is learning more information about the shooting that happened in the Tara subdivision that left one teenaged boy dead, and another in custody for murder.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office says a 911 call was made around 1:30 pm from a neighbor who said she heard gunfire at the park in her neighborhood.

When deputies arrived on the scene, the teen was found in the park with a gunshot wound to the cheek and chest.

The victim has been identified as Matthias Konrad, he was found by friends he went to high school with.

The wounded teen was transferred to a nearby hospital via air ambulance. He died at the hospital.

A homeowner that lives next door to the park exclusively tells NTV Houston she was standing on her porch when it all happened. She (who did not want to give her name) said that she thought the gunfire was fireworks.

When she looked over the fence, she saw the wounded teen. The friends that found him, asked her for towels to apply pressure to his wounds. She did as they ask and tried to help him.

The woman also said, that when the deputies arrived, they asked the victim “hey buddy are you okay” she said the teen then put his finger over his mouth and told them to “shhh”.

She then invited his friends into her home. The friends said that right before school let out they asked Konrad “where did he see himself in 10 years” his response was “dead”.

The teen that pulled the trigger was charged with murder and booked into the Fort Bend County Juvenile detention center.



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