Gun violence in U.S. seriously tramples on human rights: article

The China Society for Human Rights Studies on Saturday published an article to expose the long-lasting unsolved problem of gun violence in the United States which, it said, has seriously trampled on human rights.

Noting that a number of deadly mass shootings have recently taken place in the United States, the article said the mass shootings have once again exposed the grave consequences of the proliferation of guns in the United States, reflecting the profound crisis in the U.S. political and social systems, as well as its hypocrisy on human rights.

The article said that the U.S. is the country with the largest number of private guns in the world and the number is on an increase. The number of private guns in the U.S. now exceeds that of its population. The proliferation of private guns inevitably leads to violence.

Gun deaths are the second leading cause of death in the U.S. after traffic accidents, with an average of about 15,000 people killed each year, it added.

The article said that the gun violence in the U.S., which is like a chronic disease, is directly related to the special sociopolitical system of the country.

America’s rigid constitution makes it impossible to ban guns; the ills of American party politics have stalled gun control efforts; interest groups are the biggest resistance to gun control; the proliferation of guns has a lot to do with the excessive use of guns by the police as well in the country, the article said.

The article said that the proliferation of guns has led to a large number of murders and school shootings and gun violence seriously undermines the sense of security of the American people.

The article emphasized that gun violence is an epitome of the serious human rights problems in the U.S., which is also the result of the extreme expansion of individualism and reflects the inherent institutional problems in the U.S.

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