India opens floodgates after torrential monsoon rains

Torrential rains in India's northern Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh forced floodgates to be opened on Sunday (August 18) along a dam on the Beas River on the border with Punjab.

Video shared with Reuters, filmed from neighbouring Punjab state, shows massive torrents of water gushing past the gates.

Himachal Pradesh has seen its highest rainfall since recordings started 70 years ago, according to the India Meteorological Department. Local media reported that 18 people have been killed by the heavy rainfall in the state, and 35 villages have been evacuated in Punjab.

Annual rainfall is essential in India as rains support two-thirds of the 1.25 billion population living in rural areas who rely on farming. But excessive rainfall causes problems like floods, landslide, and water-borne diseases.

(Production: Yi Shu Ng)

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