Industrialist David Koch dies, aged 79

Billionaire industrialist David Koch, a driving force behind conglomerate Koch Industries who as one of the world's richest people became a major financier of conservative causes and political candidates, has died at age 79, his brother said on Friday (August 23).

David Koch stepped down from the business and political activities in June 2018. He’d reportedly been in declining health with advanced prostate cancer.

David and his surviving brother Charles jointly ran Koch Industries, one of America’s largest privately held businesses, with interests in a wide range of commodities and products.

In 1991, David Koch survived a plane crash, that killed 34 people. Later, he told New York Magazine that – quote – “I felt that the the good Lord must have spared me for a purpose.”

That purpose included promoting his libertarian vision of conservative politics. The Koch brothers founded Americans for prosperity to advocate for lower taxes and fewer business regulations. However, David Koch was no fan of Donald Trump, and the group redirected their resources towards more local politics.

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