Trump says has good feeling on Iran, Russia better in room than out

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday (August 26) he would meet Iran's president under the right circumstances to end a confrontation over a 2015 nuclear deal and that talks were underway to see how countries could open credit lines to keep Iran's economy afloat.

But Trump, speaking at a G7 summit in the French resort of Biarritz, ruled out lifting economic sanctions to compensate for losses suffered by Iran.

Trump told reporters it was realistic to envisage a meeting between him and President Hassan Rouhani in coming weeks, describing Iran as a country of “tremendous potential”.

“I have a good feeling. I think he (Rouhani) is going to want to meet and get their situation straightened out. They are hurting badly,” Trump said.

French President Emmanuel Macron, host of the G7 summit, told the same news conference that Rouhani had told him he would be open to meeting Trump. Macron said he hoped a summit between the two men could happen in coming weeks. Trump and Rouhani head to the United Nations General Assembly in September.

Trump said he would be open to inviting Russia’s President Putin to next year’s G7, saying “I think it would be better to have Russia inside the tent than outside the tent”, adding that many others felt the same.

When asked whether he thought Britain’s Boris Johnson was a good Prime Minister, Trump said he had been waiting six years for him to become the country’s leader.

“I really believe that Boris Johnson will be a great prime minister, we like each other and we had a great two and a half day,” Trump told a news conference at the G7 summit in France.

“I’ve been waiting for him to be prime minister for about six years. I told him ‘what took you so long?’,” he said

Trump also said he would not make money if he hosted next year’s G7 summit at his resort property in Florida, which he said was a “natural” fit for the meeting.

“My people wanted it. From my standpoint, I’m not going to make any money. In my opinion, I’m not going to make any money,” Trump told reporters.

Responding to a question about climate change, Trump said that U.S. wealth is based on energy and he won’t jeopardize that for “dreams and windmills.”

“I feel that the United States has tremendous wealth. The wealth is under its feet. I’ve made that wealth come alive. … We are now the No. 1 energy producer in the world, and soon it will be by far,” Trump told reporters when asked about his views on climate change.

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