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​Bigg Boss 13 – Not In Lonavala But In FilmCity Says Salman Khan

Superstar of Bollywood Salman Khan launched the much anticipated 13th season of one of the most loved and watched TV reality shows Bigg Boss today, at a Metro station in Mumbai.
Talking about the change in location from Lonavala to Film-City, Salman said, “While Lonavala and Khandala received a lot of tourism and employment because of Bigg- Boss, it was a challenge to handle the huge team. At Film-City, getting resources will become easier and there is cost-cutting too. It is also easy for the stars to travel when they come for promotion. But the road has heavy traffic in the evening so it will get difficult”
The actor also teased that the show will last for three months, as usual, but the last four weeks will be unlike fans have ever experienced. He had revealed that only celebrities will be participating this year and also announced that the contestants will reach the finale in just 4 weeks aboard the BB Express.
Talking about the celebrity express of Bigg Boss, Salman said, “The finale will be in 4 weeks, but even after that the season will go on for 3 months just like the other seasons, and I will be there with them for 3 months. I don’t know how but I think there was some miscommunication after watching one of the promos.”
He went on to add, “It was just a promo and in the clip, it was said that the finale will be in 4 months after which there will be a big twist….Telling you the twist is like giving away the climax of a film. But I want to clear out that on 29th, the show will go on air. In one month, we will show the finale and after that for the next two months you will see twists and turns.”
The show premieres on September 29.

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