Apple unveils new products, services

Apple has unveiled new products including iPhones and Apple Watches at its annual launch event in Cupertino, California, USA on Tuesday.

Apple announced that the selling price of iPhone 11 is 699 U.S. dollars, the iPhone 11 Pro is 999 U.S. dollars and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 1,099 U.S. dollars.

The new models boast a faster chip, longer battery life, and more color options.

Although the devices appear similar to the previous models, the biggest change comes from an enhanced camera system. The triple-camera design on the back includes an ultra-wide lens that can capture a panoramic view. The new cameras can also take what Apple described as the highest quality video on a smartphone.

Industry analysts said that the new features in the camera are partly influenced because of pressure coming from Apple’s competitors in China.

“I believe the emphasis on the camera, first, of course, is under a lot of pressure from a lot of Chinese vendors who are putting a lot of innovation in the camera technology, imaging technology, and at the same time it’s also pretty good synergy between the other services that Apple original bringing into the Apple ecosystem,” said Nicole Peng, vice president of the Canalys.

The company also introduced Apple TV Plus, a new streaming service that could rival Netflix and Hulu, and Arcade, a new gaming service.

Apple also rolled out the next-generation Apple Watch Series 5, which starts at 399 U.S. dollars and features a new “always-on” retina display and a seventh-generation iPad, which is priced at 329 U.S. dollars and includes a bigger screen.

Some industry analysts predict that next year will be a big one to watch as Apple along with its global competitors could be launching their first 5G smartphones.

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