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Royalty takes over Broadway; new Princes Diana musical set to open

Princess Diana’s life story will be told in musical form in the new Broadway production, “Diana.”

The two-act musical will chronicle the late princess courtship and ‘marriage to Prince Charles and their eventual separation.’

“If you want to know how, Megan. First of all, how Meghan got to join the royal family and then how she’s decided to leave it on her own terms. Look back at her mother-in-law and you’ll see how it is and that’s what our show is about,” explained Joe DiPietro the author of the book and lyrics of the show.

“The challenge was getting people to walk out of that theater not sad, but actually going to celebratory other of a legacy, of a person, of a human that really cared for the other human next to them,” added David Bryan, who penned the music and lyrics.

Jeanna de Waal steps into the shoes of the late princess and called the role both scary and an honor.

“Focusing on the positive and how excited I am and just what a privilege it is to play such a loved figure from history.”

Actress Erin Davie portrays Camilla Parker Bowles and find the conversation around her appearance enlightening.

“Everybody says you’re too pretty to play Camilla, which I think is kind of offensive. I think Camilla’s a beautiful woman and it’s been a real interesting social.”

The show will feature 25 new songs including “Underestimated” which opens the show.

“It’s sort of an overarching, not from the grave, but Diana sort of was speaking to the audience as a reflection on her life and then sort of taking us back to the start of the story that we’re telling, which is where Diana met Charles,” said de Waal.

Opening night is set for March 31 with previews staring on March 2.


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